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Counseling for the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Life Skills Classes
For the Highly Sensitive Person

o IDENTIFY & VALIDATE your unique
    Sensitivity Profile
o RE-CLAIM delight in the richness of
    your experience
o SOOTHE & IMPROVE relationship
    with Self & Others
o OPTIMIZE life involvement with
    less OVERWHELM

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Are You Highly Sensitive?

         If this seems familiar, you may be highly sensitive.
         To learn more about sensitivity go to
         Elaine Aron’s HSP website and take her self test.

High Sensitivity

For reasons we don’t fully understand there is evidence to support the notion that somewhere between
15-20% of the human population is more highly sensitive.  For that matter, there is increasing evidence that a behaviorally cautious trait may be present in other, perhaps all, animal species.

But for those who are highly sensitive it can be hard at times, to embrace their finely tuned perceptions as a gift. In this society there is still not much external validation or recognition of sensitivity as a valuable trait.  And because of this, it can be difficult to go against the grain and make some of the choices HSPs need to make in order to stay centered and balanced.  For example, the need for quiet and calm can be judged as "retreat" or "withdrawal”.  Social hesitancy & caution in new situations may be labeled "shy" or "fearful", or attention to detail may be viewed as perfectionism and may seem like "overkill" to others or even the person experiencing it. But it IS possible to learn to perceive and utilize the gifts inherent in sensitivity by delving deeply into understanding one’s own unique preferences and perceptions.

Individual & Couples Counseling

For some HSPs, finding a counselor who understands High Sensitivity and the challenges that it may present may be important (e.g. relationships (with self and others), home, work, school & social environments, career, anxiety & overwhelm, isolation, introversion or extroversion in combination with high sensitivity).

Group Counseling

I have come to realize that many HSPs experience isolation to a certain degree. This is largely because many (but not all) tend toward an introverted style, and that groups of people, certain individuals, or even the frequency of social encounters can be a challenge that HSPs avoid. (Remember though, most groups encountered will be made up of at least 80% non-HSPs--probably even more!) Many HSPs have not yet found tools that could help them engage in a bit more balanced interpersonal activity, and so avoidance becomes the default approach.

While being alone can help soothe and calm, it doesn’t help with the loneliness and feelings of inadequacy or “otherness” that can also accompany isolation. Limited socializing also reduces the chances of meeting other HSPs!  Knowing others who face these challenges offers the opportunity to pool the accumulated wisdom and learn from each other. Together HSPs can also strengthen their voice and story about the myriad of magical observations and experiences their sensitivity has to offer. Isolation reduces the chances of helping each other get to know and validate the treasure-trove that sensitivity can truly be.

HSP Support & Experiential Learning Group

 Group Description:

This Group Will Help With:

And Explore Your Challenges With:

Current Group Offerings

HSP groups are being formed.  Both one day "workshop" groups and 2 hour weekly groups will be offered.  Date and times to be announced.  Please contact me for more information.
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