Advantages of my Massage Style

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My massage style combines a soothing,
restorative approach with
deep release techniques, without the pain that is usually associated with deep work.
Massage for the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)If you are a highly sensitive person, your nervous system may need extra attention to soothe.  This isn’t because you are “too picky” or “too sensitive”!!! It’s just because you are part of the 15-20% of the population whose nervous systems register more subtle experience (follow the HSP link for more info).  Because of this, getting the massage that you really want can often be difficult.   By teaching clients basic awareness and communication skills that I have honed as a counselor, it is easier for HSPs to identify, speak up and GET what they need in a session.

Massage for Dancers
—My dance background allows me to kinesthetically understand the particular rigors, stresses and injuries that dancers put their bodies through.  Additionally, my dance degree provided me with coursework to structurally analyze common dance injuries.  This allows me to both intuitively and analytically tailor my work to suit a dancer's body.

Re-Embodiment Work for Abuse & Trauma Survivors
—At the heart of this bodywork is the creation of safety and open channels of communication.  The work progresses at whatever level of touch the client can experience while maintaining a feeling of safety and empowerment. This work is informed by my studies of counseling techniques for trauma survivors and the neurophysiology of trauma.  The work is also informed by my experience doing counseling, massage, movement work, and energy work with abuse, trauma and medical crisis survivors.  Please note that this is not counseling work, however, my counseling skills and experience provides an additional framework for safety and structure. Please feel free to call or email for more information about this work.

Additional Information About Massage and My General Approach: 

Massage is one of the most instinctual remedies.  It’s doubtful that any culture has existed that did not know the power of massage to soothe tired, aching muscles and calm the nerves.  In this society it has become an essential tool for many people to manage the high stress demands of modern life.

The art of massage has become very specific to meet these demands.  At one end of the spectrum are techniques designed to ameliorate muscle and postural problems.  These approaches are more anatomically and physiologically oriented, drawing upon scientific knowledge about the way muscles function to promote muscle release.  Some utilize structural analysis of the posture to specify how certain massage techniques are applied for musculoskeletal rebalancing.

At the other end of the massage spectrum are techniques utilized to promote the slowing of the nervous system.  With current neurophysiological knowledge of the fight, flight or freeze response to stress, and its opposite, the rest and recuperation state, massage can be catered to the individual to promote optimal relaxation and healing. Among other things this type of massage can often help decrease anxiety, improve sleep, speed physical recovery, increase energy and, for many, improve depressed mood.

My massage work combines both of these types of applications to meet the individual's unique needs in order to optimize deep restorative work while helping the body to physically rebalance. Additionally I add awareness coaching to help clients learn to get the most from their massage session. There are a number of benefits to this approach, some of them are listed above: Advantages of my Massage Style

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Components of my Massage Style

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