Integration of Modalities

Typically, clients work with me in one modality or another.  However, because of my background in dance, bodywork and counseling, all of these skills are always available to aid in the client's chosen type of work. This can significantly enhance therapeutic effectiveness.  For instance, in a counseling session I may help clients notice and work with predominant bodily postures or gestures to reveal underlying beliefs or emotions, or use experiential movement techniques to deepen awareness of a counseling issue.  In massage sessions, a client may tap into deeper emotions and I can use counseling skills to create a supportive safe space, or I may use movement exploration with a massage client to illuminate a postural issue.  It is important to note that in these session examples, while the work is informed by the other modalities, the sessions remain the type originally agreed upon. In other words, your massage session will never suddenly become a counseling session or vice versa.

Sometimes clients may decide that they would like to utilize the other services I offer. For instance a counseling or bodywork client may also want to participate in a group or class offering, or vice versa.  Similarly, a massage client may discover that the bodywork taps into psychological issues, and feel that follow-up counseling work would be beneficial. Using multiple modalities concurrently can facilitate therapeutic gains. 

Clients may utilize massage and movement offerings concurrently.  However, using counseling with any of the other offerings requires a bit more therapeutic consideration to determine whether or not it would be clinically advantageous.  Additionally, before this occurs, the client and I will discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages, determine our objectives, and lay clear parameters for the work.  This attention to the boundaries of the working relationship assures that the integrated work can remain intentional and focused on treatment goals and outcome.
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