Counseling Specializations

Sessions available in Office or by Phone*
*Some Legal, Ethical or Financial limitations may apply for distance counseling, depending on State Laws & Insurance Parameters.

What Counseling Will Involve

The counseling process with me will involve attending to the collaborative quality of the client-therapist relationship as we work together to deepen your understanding of your core issues and to discover and adapt the tools that are best suited to your individual needs.  I see entering counseling as a choice to engage in one's own personal "life project".  The counseling process will involve setting goals at the outset and revisiting and updating them often.

Change is difficult and ongoing work.  Weekly counseling sessions  can provide a cornerstone for your life project but can only offer a springboard for integrating the counseling into your everyday life.  For this reason, my clients and I often create and adapt "homework" tasks that are best suited for them to help continue the process between sessions.

My Counseling Philosophy and Approach

It is my belief that we all hold a myriad of untapped resources within us.  If drawn upon, these strengths can create the change in our lives we are looking for.  Unfortunately, our life circumstances often haven’t helped us develop the skills or abilities needed to effectively put these resources to work.

My counseling centers around helping you deepen your awareness of the unique way you experience yourself, others and the world.  Doing this can help you understand your feelings and actions, as well as help you learn to access and organize your innate resources towards health and growth.  My role as a counselor is to work with you to create a safe, supportive structure, where you can face challenges, discover and develop your strengths, practice new skills, learn to integrate new choices and perspectives, and create the life you want.

Counseling Style

This first act of asking for help
is a very courageous step that can be
both exciting and unsettling.
But it is a powerful step towards the change in your life that you are hoping for.
Free 30-minute
introductory meeting

The heart of successful counseling is the quality of the client-therapist relationship.  Because of this, finding a counselor that you feel you can develop a trusting, safe & productive counseling relationship with is important. 

I know this can be difficult so I am happy to offer a free 30-minute meeting at my counseling office in Portland, Oregon.  We can discuss what you are looking for and how it might fit with my approach.   To schedule, please call or email me at Self Awareness Counseling, Portland, Oregon ( Multnomah Village )
 (503) 729-9662

Counseling in Portland Oregon

Welcome to Self Awareness Counseling, Portland Oregon, Deborah Orandon's private mental health counseling practice offering individual and group counseling to adults and adolescents.

Issues worked with at Self Awareness Counseling, Portland, Oregon

The reasons for seeking counseling are as unique as the people entering therapy.  The following is only a general list of some of the issues I work with.  Please call Self Awareness Counseling, Portland, Oregon if you are wondering whether your particular concerns could be addressed in counseling.
Self-Esteem Improvement
Body Image / Dissatisfaction Issues
Eating Disorders
Obsessive Thoughts
Compulsive Behaviors
Coping w/ Chronic Illness, Pain, Disability
Trauma  & Post Traumatic Stress
Addiction / Substance Abuse
Personal Growth
Career / Employment Issues
Grief, Loss, Bereavement
Relationship Issues
Sexuality / Sexual Orientation
Transition Issues
Phase of Life Issues
Death & Dying issues
Stress Management Skills
Spirituality Issues
Gender Issues
Social Anxiety
Phobias & fears
Interpersonal Skill Development
Life Development
Parenting Issues

Services offered at Self Awareness Counseling, Portland, Oregon

Short-term Counseling

This is a Solution Focused Brief counseling approach that centers around one or two primary goals and works with current situations in the individual's life.  The number of counseling sessions is usually limited.

Longer-Term Counseling

This is a depth counseling approach where the work focuses on core beliefs and patterns, as part of the individual's journey towards achieving their goals.  Through experiential psychotherapy techniques, I tend to work in the here and now, examining the past as it presents itself in relation to current experiences.  This involves many counseling sessions and tends to occur over longer periods of time. 

Group Counseling

I offer a variety of counseling support groups that focus on body relationship & image issues as well as self-esteem.  The sessions are combined with psychoeducation and experiential self-discovery work.  Please call Self Awareness Counseling, Portland, Oregon for information on current or upcoming offerings.


It's difficult when we find that we're dissatisfied with our lives, but can't find
a way to change things.
Often, we even know how we would like things to change, but haven't been able to make this happen on our own.

Counseling Techniques

My counseling approach integrates Humanistic, Existential, Interpersonal and Psychodynamic theoretical orientations with experiential, mindfulness & body psychotherapy.  These psychotherapy techniques are drawn primarily from Hakomi, Internal Family Systems, Gestalt and the work of Christine Caldwell. When appropriate, I also incorporate solution-focus approaches and techniques drawn from Cognitive-Behavioral and Dialectic Behavioral Therapies.

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Services offered at Self Awareness Counseling, Portland, Oregon
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Issues worked with at Self Awareness Counseling, Portland, Oregon

If you have any questions, please contact me at Self Awareness Counseling, Portland, Oregon.
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